UnderwriteMe, together with global reinsurer
Pacific Life Re, launched into the Asian market in 2015

Since our launch, UnderwriteMe has become the leading automated underwriting system provider in the UK and Ireland, and now in Australia and New Zealand. With six insurers currently live across Asia and more underway, we are well-poised to replicate the same successes achieved in our other markets to become the next leading solution in Asia.

Our vision is to unlock growth and deliver operational efficiency. Discover how our products are transforming every stage of the whole policy life cycle.

Underwriting Engine

A fast, simple and immensely powerful underwriting engine, putting your underwriters in control.

Business Analytics

Transform your data into valuable insights to support your business.

Underwritten outcomes offline

Recently launched with FWD, this offline version of the rules engine is available.
Simply plug in your app and the rules engine is available on mobile and tablet without the need for an internet connection.

“UnderwriteMe’s online experience is seamless and ideal, and its offline decision-making capability is as reliable and can already make initial underwriting decisions at point of sale.”

Judith Baliton | Chief Life Operations Officer | FWD Philippines