Arun Shrestha

Junior DevOps Engineer

How long have you worked at UnderwriteMe?
Since May 2018

How have you found it so far?
Working at UnderwriteMe so far has been a great experience. I initially joined as a Graduate Developer and got the opportunity to spend 3 months each on different teams (BUILD, Production Support, Developer, DevOps) which helped me experience and learn what work is like in these various teams. Senior colleagues are extremely nice and always happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction.

What does a day look like for you?
After being here for over a year and doing three months in different roles, I had the option to choose what team I wanted to join. I decided to join the Platform Engineering team and I am now responsible for maintaining and improving our infrastructure. One of my responsibilities is to also support different departments in the company with any BAU task and automate processes to make it easier for various employees in the company to complete their tasks.

What skill sets are you building in your current role?
Working here, I have learned about some of the services AWS provides along with Puppet. I have also had the chance to learn a bit about Terraform and I am looking forward to exploring it a bit more along with the use of Kubernetes in the future.