Tanya Neethling

Sales Operations Manager

How long have you worked at UnderwriteMe?
Since August 2019.

How have you found it so far?
Absolutely loving it so far! It’s a refreshing workplace with a real team spirit. We all get stuck in, to get the job done with no gripes or fuss and are always open to new ideas. I like that!

What does a day look like for you?
Pretty busy. My role is split into two functions really. If I’m not managing my team, then I’m out seeing new or existing distributors trying to drive new business sales.

What skill sets are you building in your current role?
I like getting involved in different areas, so I’d say a few, but in particular my organisation and management skills. I’d like to develop more of my tech knowledge and will most likely do a course in the near future.

Are you involved in any social activities at UnderwriteMe?
There’s normally someone doing something once a week, whether it be a quiz evening, dart night, drinks down at the local, etc, and yes I’d most certainly get involved. Not everyone joins but all are welcome. We also arrange different activities between ourselves and invite those who are interested, for example, 5-a-side & pilates classes.