Underwriting Engine

Put your underwriters in control

Our Underwriting Engine is a game-changing solution operating in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Our technology provides an integrated solution, giving underwriters full control. With a combination of simple rules design, integrated testing and rapid deployment, underwriters can gain greater control.


Ongoing product development

The Underwriting  Engine is continually evolving and innovating as part of our investment in technology.

Achieve self-sufficiency quickly

The Underwriting Engine enables underwriters to configure customer questions, help texts and outcomes, including indicative terms and next steps.

Cloud solution

Secure cloud-based solution

A cloud solution, the Underwriting Engine is scalable, safe and secure for your customers.

Grow at scale and speed

The Underwriting Engine gives you the ability to grow quickly and cost-effectively. Launch new products and channels without significant IT involvement, which enables you to react to market changes in an agile way.

Underwritten outcomes offline

An offline version of the Underwriting Engine is now available. Add the SDK and the rules to your app and the Underwriting Engine is available on mobile and tablet without the need for an internet connection.

Improve customer engagement

Automatically delivers rule-based underwriting decisions to meet customer “Buy Now” experience or indicative loadings to create a better customer experience.

Together with the Business Analytics tool, there’s a wealth of data at your fingertips allowing you to learn and adapt like never before.

Now Live –

Decision Studio

This module provides insurers with the ability to automate the assessment of any structured secondary evidence such as screenings, bloods, etc at the new business stage.

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